We will add guidance to this page for various aspects of school life.


Upcoming courses to support parents/carers:


Do you struggle when your child has a meltdown?

Would you like to know more about how to help your child stay calm and understand why this happens?

Then, why not come along to our virtual session!

For parents of children up to 10 years old

 8/2/24 and 18/4/24 9.30am – 11.30am

(These are the same seminar repeated half termly so you only need to join one).


Empowering Parents Empowering Communities (EPEC)

EPEC is a popular and successful parenting programme delivered by parents who live in their own community.

There are 3 EPEC parenting courses:

  • Being a Parent - for parents/carers of children aged 2-11 
  • Living with Teenagers - for parents/carers of adolscents aged 11-16
  • Being a Parent Together - for couples/co-parents to complete together

You can speak to a member of the EPEC team for any further information by telephoning 0161 406 9558

You can also email


School Meal Allergen Guidence 

Please use this link to our allegergen information to help you make choices about our school meals 



Money advice tool 


Virtual Sleep Seminar


This guide provides guidance for parents and carers when allowing their children to play games online through various consoles and the internet generally. 


Translating web pages on the school website

Many of our parents and carers have difficulty with English as it is not their first language. In order to convert the content language our our website pages, (when using anything other than a mobile telephone) you can simply click the small globe at the top right of any page and then select the language of your choice. This then converts any page content (but not linked documents) to this language.

To revert back to English or another language you can click the globe again or click the down arrow that has now appeared on the left side of the page (also at the top).

The translate button does not show on mobile devices as Google translate doesn't currently have a plugin for any mobile website. However, when mobile users initially set up their phones they will be asked to select a language, in their mobile browser settings and can select a language so websites that will be translated.

We hope that this helps parents and carers.

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