Admissions at Mersey Vale

It is vital to make your application for Nursery, Reception Class and Secondary school in good time. Please note the application deadlines stated in the document below.

Please see the links below which explain the process and provide access to the online application system. If we can assist in any way please feel free to contact the school office on 0161 442 7535.All applications for the main intakes referred to above must be made online and by the set deadlines.

We can provide general advice only as places are allocated centrally and not by the school. At Mersey Vale we have a policy that restricts class sizes to 30 children.

Parents should be aware that :

1) A place in the Mersey Vale Primary School Nursery does not guarantee a place in the Reception Class at our school.

2) A place in Mersey Vale Primary School’s Year 6 Class does not guarantee a place at your preferred secondary / high school (including Priestnall High School).

In both of the above scenarios, parents are required to apply through the Admissions system before the relevant deadlines. All places are allocated by the Local Authority not the school.

Link to admissions application information

For applications relating to other age bands or for a mid-year transfer between schools, please contact the school office for advice.

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