Reminder message March 2021 - protecting our Mersey Vale community

Please, please, please…protect our Mersey Vale community and help reduce the spread of Covid-19!

We are really sorry and share your frustrations that we have had to close class bubbles today. As you know school has a range of protective measures in place and we are following all Government guidance. Although schools are open WE ARE STILL IN A NATIONAL LOCKDOWN. This means that you must not leave, or be outside of your home, except where necessary and for a permitted reason.

Unfortunately, despite lots of reminders there are some people who are not doing all they can to protect not only themselves but the rest of the Mersey Vale community.

  • We have witnessed groups of parents not socially distancing and chatting for up to 20 minutes outside the school gates once their children have entered school. When dropping off and collecting your child/children from school, you should stay at least 2 metres away from people you do not live with.
  • It has also been noticed that many parents are not wearing a face covering. Unless you are exempt from wearing one, please wear a face covering when dropping off and collecting your child/children. 
  • If your child is told to self-isolate this means that they should stay at home. Today a child in Mersey Vale uniform whose bubble had closed was seen playing in Thornfield Park.
  • Anyone arriving in England must quarantine for 10 days and take 2 coronavirus tests while in quarantine. If you have been in a country on the travel ban red list in the 10 days before you arrive, you will need to quarantine in a government approved hotel. We are disappointed to have seen parents who we know have arrived back from abroad within the last few days leaving their home and not following the mandatory quarantine rules. 
  • Please do not enter the school premises without first calling 0161 442 7535 to let us know the reason for your visit. If you are asked to pick up or collect something from school please adhere to the times given and wear a face covering.

It is possible to have COVID-19 with no symptoms and you can pass COVID-19 on to others if you only have mild symptoms or even no symptoms at all. The further you can keep away from other people, the less likely you are to catch COVID-19 and pass it on to others.

The Government has issued guidance throughout the pandemic to help reduce the risk of catching coronavirus (COVID-19) and passing it on to others. By following these steps, we will help to protect ourselves, our loved ones and those in our community.

22nd March 2021

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