IMPORTANT : Free school meals application assistance – applies to all children Reception Class to Year 6

All children in Reception Class, Year 1 and Year 2 currently receive a free meal under the Universal Free School Meals system. However, many parents/carers of children in these and other year groups may be unaware that there is a separate Free School Meals system which applies to all qualifying children based upon those parents/carers who currently receive certain benefits or who may do so in the future. Confirming eligibility for Free School Meals releases essential funding called Pupil Premium to school to help us to support children in a variety of ways. This has never been more important than now. Once confirmed, this funding continues for the remainder of a child’s time at Mersey Vale.

We ask that if you have never completed the Free School Meals checker form (or even if you think you may have done but are not sure), that you print and return the full form as attached.

Alternatively, please read the content of the above form and then copy and paste / complete the information below and send this to

For parents / carers with more than one pupil at school, you can add all children to the same form.

Providing this information will allow us to run regular checks on your behalf. Should you become eligible, we will contact you to confirm that you no longer need to pay for school meals. This will save you time in making your own application and will enable school to receive additional funding.

Should you have any queries, please contact the school office.

Thank you.


I ______________________ am the parent/ carer of:_____________________________

Child DOB____________________      Parent / Carer DOB__________________________

Parent / Carer NI Number____________________

Telephone Number_________________________



I give permission for Mersey Vale Primary School to check my eligibility for free school meals

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