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Barnaby Bear’s Weather Activity

Google Classroom
Here is the link to get you all onto Google Classroom.

Matching Numbers and Number Words
Try this brilliant game to see how well you know number words. It’s a flash based game so you might need to try opening with Internet Explorer instead of Google Chrome.

We’ve been learning how to identify plants and trees by looking at their leaves carefully. The Woodland Trust website and this identification checklist are both really useful if you’d like to try it at home.

There’s all kinds of fun activities about weather here on this fab website.

Why not try using this fantastic sheep game to work on some subtraction problems?

Subtraction Stories
We’ve been using this brilliant game on the big whiteboard in class to explain the first stages of subtraction. Why not try it at home to practise your skills.

Got It – Two Player Maths Game
Have a go at this fantastic Maths game with a friend. Can you work out a pattern that will let you win every time?

Traditional Tales
This fantastic website contains lots of our favourite traditional (fairy) tales. Read or listen to one of them and have a go at some of the fun activities to check your understanding.

Weather Forecast
Can you create a weather forecast using this fantastic website?

Number Bonds to 5 and 10
How quickly can you work out your number bonds to make 5 or 10? Try this exciting game to find out!

Special Space Jumps – Addition Game
Have a go at this tricky but fun Maths game to practise adding numbers that make more than ten.

Describing Different Kinds of Weather
Can you think of interesting adjectives to describe the different types of weather? Click here to have a go!

Weather and the Seasons
Can you put the seasons in the right order and describe the weather at each time using interesting adjectives? Find out by playing this cool game.

Island Chase
Will your boat be the quickest in the race? Answer the quick subtraction questions to become the winner in this fun game.

Number Pyramid
Test your number bond skills in this fantastic addition and subtraction game!

Barnaby Bear Report
Listen to this report with a partner. Then try and answer the questions. Make sure you listen carefully!

How many ways can you share the teddies?
Try this fun Maths game to work out how many different ways you can share the teddies.

Toys Timeline
Can you put the toys in order on the timeline in this super sorting game?

Ten Frame Games
Have a go at this fantastic ten square game to test your number bond knowledge.

Then try this brilliant ten square game to extend your skills even  further.

Have a go at this brilliant game to test your knowledge of different coins.

Making Change
In this fantastic game you’ll need to scan each item on the supermarket conveyor belt, then work out how much change each customer should be given.

Making Ten
Can you use these digitial cuisenaire rods to find all the ways to make ten? Try it with two numbers first. Then have a go using three numbers!

Sorting Materials
Can you group these toys and give them labels to show how you grouped them?

Have a go at this fantastic triangle investigation game. Can you explain to a grown up why you chose the different groups for your triangles?

Animal Questions
Check out this cool game!

Addition Stories
Can you make up a fishy addition story using the numbers in this clever game ?

Going on a Bear Hunt
Watch Michael Rosen perform his story We’re Going on a Bear Hunt here. Can you use the same kind of voice and copy his actions?

Check out this fantastic section on the BBC website to learn more about France and practise using some French words

Animal Facts
Show what you know about animals by playing this fun game on the BBC website

Animal Labels
We’ve been learning about labels and captions. Can you write labels and captions for the different animals in this fantastic game?

Ladybird Adding Game
Try this fantastic adding game. Just count the spots on the ladybirds to find the different totals!

Test the Toad Adding and Subtracting Game
Use the number line in this fun addition and subtraction game to help you work out the calculations.

Ordering Numbers
Have a go at this fun Caterpillar Ordering Game to test your ordering skills!

Plants and Animals
Have a go at this fun BBC game to test your knowledge of plants and animals. How much do you know?

Funky Mummy Number Bond Game
Try this fantastic Funky Mummy maths game to practise your number bonds. How many can you get right? Can you beat your partner?

Have a go at this fun plants quiz.

Plants Research
Write down 5 amazing plant facts from this fantastic website.

Number Problem Solving
How many different ways can you make 7? Use the rods to help you work out the answers on this brilliant website.

Mend the Number Square
Get out a hundred square. Then work with a partner to try and help Walter the Worm mend the broken hundred square in this fantastic game. Have fun!

Jack and the Beanstalk
Click here to listen to the whole Jack and the Beanstalk story. Which parts will you include in your re-telling?

BBC Jack and the Beanstalk Story
Click here to enjoy the BBC version of Jack and the Beanstalk. Remember to think about how Jack’s mum would feel when he swapped the cow for magic beans!

Balloon Pop Fives
Have a go at this fun game to practise counting in fives.

Butterfly Fives
Try this brilliant game and catch the butterflies to practise counting in fives.

Fairy Tales
Click here to listen to one of the fantastic fairy tales with a partner. Then retell the story using one of the little zig zag books. Can you write a 2A sentence?

Weather Forecasts
Click here to create a weather forecast. Can you create a forecast from the instructions I gave you?

Cashing In
Can you choose the correct coins to make the different totals? Remember: choose the total that’s right for you. Start with up to 10p and get harder when you feel confident!

Number Pyramid
Can you work out the right numbers or symbols to add to these addition and subtraction number sentences? Work out your answers carefully to escape from the pyramid!

Island Chase – Subtraction Race
How quickly can you solve subtraction problems? Use your fingers, counting cubes or a number line to work out the answers to these problems. Be quick or your speedboat will fall behind in the race!

Partitioning Fun!
Can you partition these numbers and add them back together to help splat the ogre? Remember: go for level 1 to begin!

Subtraction Game
Have a go at this fun to test your subtraction skills. Remember: try ‘within 5’ if you’re finding it tricky!

Barnaby Bear Visits an Allotment
As part of One World Week we’re going to find out about how we can grow our own fruit and vegetables. Watch this clip to find out more from Barnaby Bear!

Rocket Rescue
A fun phonics games!

Cross the Swamp
How many more or less should the monkey add or take away to cross the swamp? Play this funny game to improve your skills!

Little Animals Adding Ladybird Game
How many spots do you need to make the answer? Count them carefully!

Number Jumbler
Can you solve the missing symbol problems?

Properties of Materials
Which materials are shiny? Which can float? Which are made from a natural material?

Materials Game
What are the different objects made from? Can you sort and label them?

Adding and Subtracting
A fun game to help with your adding and subtracting!

Writing Instructions
Can you write the instructions for how to get ready for school?

What do animals eat?
Can you sort out the animals depending on the different foods they eat?

r sounds.

Phonics play games – for reading key words

We use this game in school to read and recognise key (CVC) words, and match it to the picture shown. Have a go at home!

Splat square! – for counting and recognising numbers

The children use this splat square to count and recognise numbers. Have a go at home!

Espresso maths games – counting, adding and subtracting

These are just some of the maths games we play in class. The children know how to count the actions, objects or sounds. Some of the harder games are adding or subtracting numbers. Have a go at home!

Check out Art and DT @ Mersey Vale blog to see our fantastic efforts!

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