Year 5

Year 5 – Mersey Vale Primary School

Welcome to our Year Five Class at Mersey Vale!


Our class page is just for Year 5 and will allow us to share our class news, achievements, work, photographs, homework information, and lots more!

Regular updates are shared via the Class Dojo.

If you require a login please see Mr. Aspinall.

Feel free to let a member of the Y5 team know if there is anything further that could be put on our class page to help you support your child’s learning.

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Mr. Aspinall – Class Teacher

Mrs Murphy – Teaching Assistant
Ms. Blair– Midday Assistant


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Here is our Curriculum Map: Year 5 curriculum map

Year 5 – Maths Curriculum – Yearly Overview

Year 5 – Reading Curriculum – Yearly Overview

Meet the Teacher Y5 letter 2019-20

Help with Maths KS2

How to help your child learn their tables

What are we learning this week?

English: Science Fiction reading and writing

Maths: Place Value – fluency, reasoning and problem solving

Science: Earth and Space



Homework is always given on a Friday and shared via the class story on Dojo.

If you need your login details, please see Mr. Aspinall

If you have lost your sheet, spare copies can be found in the classroom



Given every Friday for a test the following Friday.

Spellings are shared on Class Dojo.


Links – please click to open

Use this link to learn more about The Earth, Moon and Sun

Click this link to play Dance Mat and improve your typing skills:

Become fluent with comparing and ordering decimals

Click on this link to create your own story: Storycraft

Click on this link to create your own word cloud:

Equivalent Fractions Matching Game

Codebug: Click on this link to open the fantastic Codebug activity


Need someone to talk to? Follow this link.

Maths Frame

Consolidate all the maths we have covered this week!

Identifying Subordinate Clauses

Can you identify the subordinate clause? Use this quiz to test yourself

Clauses and Connectives

Use this page to remind yourself about clauses, connectives and different types of sentences

Ordering Decimal Numbers

Pop the balloons order from smallest to biggest. Can you beat our class time of 1 minute 36 seconds

Number Facts – Adding

Practise your number fact knowledge here!

Comparing ratios

Can you match the ratios of the same value?

Matching Fractions, Decimals and Percentages.

Can you correctly match the amounts?

Estimating Angles

Test your knowledge of all types of angles with this game.

Embedded Clauses

An opportunity to practise embedded clauses


Practise reading and plotting coordinates here!


Check out this incredibly useful website for ideas about how to improve your writing using: V (vocabulary) C (connectives) O (openings) P (punctuation)

BBC Online Safety Games

Learn how to stay safe and have lots of fun online by playing these fantastic games!


Brilliant for practising your mental maths skills and your individual targets. You can compete against people from all over the world, gain certificates, and even earn points to buy wigs. Crazy!