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It’s time to start thinking about whether you would like to be a school councillor for Mersey Vale this year. If you would like to be a school councillor, you will need to persuade your class to vote for you when we hold our school council elections on Friday 22nd September. Things to think about:

What skills do you have that will make you a good councillor?
Do you have any experience that will help you?
Do you have any ideas for how we can get better at writing?
Do you have any ideas for how we can learn outside more?
What are your personal ideas for making Mersey Vale an even better place to go to school?

If you can answer the questions above, and would love to wear the purple jumper, it’s time to write your speech, prepare posters or design a powerpoint to share with your class. Each child will get to vote for one girl and one boy, who they believe has the best ideas to make Mersey Vale even better this year.

Good luck!

Miss Mather 🙂

School Council held their last meeting in Stockport Council’s offices in Summer Term!


Who is your favourite author?

Have a think and let your school councillors know!

We are going to buy brand new books and create author boxes for every class!


IMG_0799 IMG_0800


Do you have a really good book that you have read and think other people would like to read?

Would you like to swap it for a new book to read?

Bring your old book to school and you will be given a book swap token.

Once we have enough books, you will be able to pick a new book to read, using your book swap token!

Your book that you bring in MUST be in GOOD CONDITION!




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