School closed for for most children from today until further notice

As reported widely in the media, the school will be closed for most children from the end of today.

Only children meeting the requirements of the following government document will be allowed in school. Thanks to those parents/ carers who have already made school aware that they are key workers and that their children will attend from Monday. Please can anyone else who is eligible let us know by midday today.  A key phrase within this document is

“As a country, we all need to do what we can to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.”

Parents/carers should note specifically that the guidance urges parents/carers to keep children at home even if eligible for schooling, such as when one partner is working from home. This will reduce the risk of transmission further and be more socially responsible.

Any children not currently eligible for schooling will not be allowed into school and parents/carers are legally required to make other arrangements for their childcare until further notice. We have not been advised of a likely return to school date but please assume that this is a long term problem with a solution unlikely to be reached within 12 weeks.

Please note that even if children are eligible to attend school under the above guidance they will (if presenting COVID-19 symptoms) need to self-isolate in line with current guidance and will not be allowed to attend school.

Letter to Parents 20 March 2020


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