Parent Governor Election Result

Today, the Returning Officer (Mrs Mullane), announced that we have a new duly elected Parent Governor! Stephen Bray is the successful candidate and won with a clear majority.

This was an extremely successful election with three candidates and a total of 58 votes. Thank you to all parents that took the time to vote and, of course, to the three committed parents that were nominated.

Mr Bray’s statement is copied below and perhaps demonstrates why so many people voted for him. The whole team at Mersey Vale is confident that he will make a fantastic addition to the Governing Board (in truth this applies to all of the candidates).

As the parent of a child in Reception class (and with a younger sibling who will join her) I’m able to assist the governing body with running the school for many years to come, looking out for its best interests, as my children progress there.

Although I’ve not been a governor before, I feel I’d be able to bring a fresh and critical eye to the role. I have a long background of service to the public sector; from many years spent working in strategy and reform for Greater Manchester Police and later the Greater Manchester Authority (including dealing with education and young people). I’m now about to take up a similar role within Stockport Council.

A lot of my work has involved minimising the impact of budget cuts and advising on ways to make the best out of ever-decreasing budgets. We are in difficult times for education budgets and, if given this role, I will do my hardest to work with what we have got for the benefit of my own and your children. I’ve also spent a lot of time advising on strategic direction, analysing its problems and recommending how best they be resolved. I have a good knowledge of both the local and regional economy due to my previous jobs and have developed strong links with communities in areas where I’ve worked. I already have good links in Stockport through living here for some time and hope to strengthen these as I get to grips with my new job for the Council. I also have some experience of procurement and supply management and advising on financial management from my local government roles.   




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