Welcome to Nursery!

September 2020

Welcome to the Nursery class at Mersey Vale!

This page will allow us to share information about:

  • class news and events,
  • what we are learning,
  • important reminders,
  • home-school activity … and lots more!

Watch this space for the latest news, updates and information. There is a lot of supporting information below and on the separate EYFS Information page (accessible via Parents tab in Home page).

Please also join Class Dojo as regular updates will be shared here via Class Story and separate messages support communication further.

It has been a pleasure meeting new families and we really appreciate your support and commitment to a positive transition and induction process for all.

Thank you for your support. It is greatly appreciated.

Nursery Staff Team
Miss Bunting (Class Teacher), Miss Lansdale (Nursery Nurse), Mrs Daniels, Miss Jilani (Teaching Assistants/ Lunch time Support), Mrs Naeem (Bilingual Support Assistant)

September 2020

Welcome Everyone!

We hope you have received your welcome packs, been able to join Class Dojo and access Class Stories and individual messaging. Photos and updates are shared regularly re: how your child is settling and to give you an insight into the many experiences your child takes part in to support their development in all areas of learning.

An information sheet was provided in your welcome pack and updates were shared during parent, teacher and child meetings. There is a lot of information for parents on this Nursery Class page re: curriculum and suggestions for supporting learning at home and via the EYFS Information page (Home; Parents; EYFS Information).

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask on arrival/ collection and/ or message via Class Dojo.

Kind regards,

Miss Bunting

All About Me posters: Please complete at home over the next few weeks. Once completed we would really like to share them in class. We have had quite a few returned already. They are FANTASTIC!

News Just In!

Children are settling well and establishing relationships with others.

Positive play and interaction in small groups e.g. home corners, cars and water play.

Lots of physical activity and use of outdoor equipment – a popular place to be!

Children adjusting to setting and new routines:-)

A super start to the new school year!

EYFS Parents Guide

Important information for parents and carers of children in the EYFS

Getting your child ready for school info 2018

What to expect, when?

Guidance re: your child’s learning and development in the early years foundation stage

Developing early mark making skills

Information surrounding the development of early mark making skills, including activities to support fine motor control and hand strength as well as accurate formation of letters (at an appropriate time for the unique child).

Foundation Years

Information surrounding the important years from birth to five

Building blocks for Reading (1) Building blocks for Writing 2 Building blocks for Maths

Early Years Curriculum Overview

EYFS-Yearly-Overview 2019 2020

Little Kids Songs

Here you can watch, listen and sing along to some fun and catchy songs, such as: alphabet song, in my plane and many more. Enjoy!

Maths is fun!

A fun game to play to have fun with numbers and counting!

Underwater Counting game

Recommended Apps:

Hairy letters, Collins Big Cat stories (Playing, The Garden, Dark Night and The World) Colours of Luli, Pirate, 123 Insects, Farm sounds

Useful websites for learning fun:




Developing mathematical language and understanding of concepts through books:

Fine motor skills and early mark making

* Please find below important information about an exciting transition project our Music Services Team have put in place to help aid transition from Nursery through to Reception. We will be learning a song in class during these last few weeks of the Summer term. We ask that you keep practising the song over the summer holidays with your families and then will be able to share this song with your new teacher in the Autumn term.*

Musical Transitions – Letter Reception Parents

Musical Transitions – Nursery to Reception

We have a twitter page Nursery@mvps

Home Learning

Scroll down for links to activities and games as well as for further information for parents and carers.

Home Learning Information, including: Letter, Overview and Suggested Activities Grid (bottom of this pag

“Things we are proud of…” – A special place to share our efforts and achievements

Please share special moments via class dojo then we can share them with your child/ whole class and celebrate their efforts and achievements.

Dinosaur eggs – A fun thing to try!

Sticky Kids

Oxford Owl links:

CBeebies story times

CBeebies Storytime app – take a look and download if you can.

Love Monster story. You might like to share this story with your child.

Further information for parents/ carers:

How to say the sounds (Read, Write Inc)

SCROLL DOWN for more links: Parent/ Carer information and Learning at home activities and games (plus photos)

Recommended links:

Tiny Happy People

Visit the Booktrust website. Lots of information here.

Fun activities to try at home:


A.J. Jenkins Phonics Song 2


Cosmic Yoga – Space

Cosmic Yoga – Unicorns

Cosmic Yoga – Frozen

Cosmic Yoga – Tiny the dinosaur

Healthy eating

Topmarks – Learning Games

Our recent favourites (Topmarks Maths):

  • Shape Monsters
  • Teddy Counting
  • Gingerbread Counting

Love Monster Puzzles

Learning songs: Singin’ Walrus and Super Simple songs

The Gruffalo story and song

BBC Iplayer has a great selection of videos of Julia Donaldson’s high quality literature to share with your child. Sharing and talking about parts of the story, joining in with the rhyming and alliteration, talking about feelings, learning the meaning of new words and describing characters and settings – opportunities are endless!

Activities to try at home:

mini-activities playdough-activity-jb songs-rhymes-jb-a5

Science: Exploration and investigation activities

Fun things to try at home…

Handwriting and letter formation – letter shape families. Click on link below


We enjoy immersing ourselves in high quality children’s literature. ‘The Colour Monster’ by Anna Llenas. 

Home Learning Challenges:

Share books together. Talk about your favourite part of the story.

Play I spy… (colours, shapes, numbers and letter sounds).

Enjoy making marks for drawing and writing. Talk about what is happening.

Create a Story Map – draw pictures together of the characters in your story.

Encourage your child to put coat on/ off and help them to become more independent.

Practise hopping and skipping.

Go on a listening walk. What can you hear? Talk about and describe sounds.

Have fun creating rhyming strings.

Recent pupil voice:

“I love Maths!”

“I like the garden.”

“I am good at writing my name.”

“I love this story!”

“I can do it all by myself now!”

“I give this book five stars.”

“I can do it now (put on own coat).”

“Sharing is caring.”

Recent parent/ carer voice:

“He is really looking forward to coming to Nursery.”

“She talks about it (nursery) at home.”

“I have noticed a big difference with his talking at home.”

“Thank you for everything you have done for him. We can’t believe how much he is talking at home.”

“Become more confident since coming here.”


Book time sessions – We are Readers! (developing early reading skills)

Role Play Areas promote speaking and listening and peer relationships

Circle time activities – children are becoming more able to express how they are feeling and why

Personal, social and emotional development – welcoming and supporting new friends who have joined our class.

Check out Class Dojo  for updates and share with your child to encourage recall of their learning.

Examples of Positive Parent Partnership:

  • Parent:Teacher Meetings
  • Induction visits
  • communication via Class Dojo
  • Pride in our presentation Week – Exhibition
  • ‘Sounds and Words Week’ Workshop
  • ‘PSHE’ Workshop
  • ‘Look at our Learning’ sessions
  • ‘STEM Exhibition’ Workshop
  • ‘We Are Writers’ Workshop
  • ‘Stay, play and learn together’ sessions

Examples of activities and learning experiences to support learning and development around the curriculum


Mathematics: Numbers and Counting

Communication and Language

Reading and Writing

Mini-beasts day! Workshop from Animal Magic

An example of widening children’s experiences though hands-on and interactive learning linked to class based topics:

Cross-curricular and creative approach to learning linked to Focus Text (example below):

Focus text: Hungry Caterpillar. Examples of activities experienced to support development within a range of areas of learning

Home Learning

Scroll down for links to activities and games as well as for further information for parents and carers.

Home Learning Information, including: Letter, Overview and Suggested Activities Grid

Weekly grid – Suggested Home Learning Activities. Week beginning 27th April 2020

Phonics and Maths information

Weekly grid – Suggested Home Learning Activities. Week beginning 4th May 2020

Other activities have been shared via whole school newsletters, e.g. Artwork for ‘Corridor of Hope’ and model making linked to landmarks

Weekly Home Learning Grid Suggested activities. Week beginning, 11th May 2020

Please see further posts shared via class dojo

Weekly learning grid – Suggested Home Learning Activities. Week beginning: 18th May 2020

Weekly Learning Grid: Suggested Activities. Week beginning 8th June 2020

Links, photos, videos will be posted on class dojo

Weekly Home Learning Grid. Week beginning: 15th June 2020

Weekly learning grid, week beginning 22nd June 2020

Story: In My Heart



Topic related text: Mad About Minibeasts, Giles Andreae

Weekly Home Learning Grid, week beginning 29th June 2020

Photos sent via class dojo posts

Additional links sent via class dojo messaging

Please revisit previous activities e.g. phonics and maths based games. Repetition is really important for consolidation of learning.

Weekly Learning Grid, week beginning 6th July 2020

Further links and photos sent via class dojo as class posts and separate messages (a super previous weeks)

Weekly Learning Grid, week beginning 13th July 2020

Please see message about Musical Transitions (near top of page) and further links, photos sent via class dojo and messaging

Weekly Learning Grid: Week beginning 20th July 2020