Music at Mersey Vale Primary School – request for Feedback

At Mersey Vale we have tried, over many years, to introduce various music related lessons with varying success. Naturally, we meet the requirements of the National Curriculum, through class music sessions and other opportunities, but wonder if there is now a demand from parents/carers and children for more focused, small group sessions. Such sessions, again during school time,  would be voluntary and subject to a termly payment, plus instrument hire charge. 

We believe that the Music Service offered by Stockport Council is good value for money and delivered by experts in their field. Early introduction to musical instruments can lead to a lifetime of interest and development of skills and confidence which can enhance childrens’ overall learning. However, the cost of these additional lessons (but not those currently offered) needs to be funded by parents/carers.

To assist us with the decision-making process, we will greatly appreciate the feedback of all parents and carers, and have created an online survey to allow views to be collected. We can then make a decision based upon this feedback and in the knowledge that we are making the best use of school resources and time.

Please help us by completing the survey which can be accessed by clicking the link below. No sign in is required and the results are anonymous. 



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