Measles and Mumps (and Meningitis) advice from Stockport Council

Whilst there have been no cases at our school, we felt it important to share the following with all parents and carers:

Dear Parent/ Guardian

The Health Protection Team within Public Health are writing to let you know about some concerns we have in Stockport regarding both measles and mumps. Throughout the country there are outbreaks of both diseases being seen with increasing frequency – this is really worrying given that both diseases have very unpleasant complications including meningitis and encephalitis (brain inflammation).

Outbreaks of these infections generally occur when insufficient numbers of children and adolescents are receiving the MMR vaccine. In Stockport there has been a fall in MMR vaccine uptake so similar outbreaks may occur in the near future.

What can you do to protect yourself or your child?

Check if your child(ren) have had two MMR vaccinations. These are usually given at 12 months of age and between 3 to 5 years of age. BOTH DOSES ARE NEEDED FOR ADEQUATE PROTECTION. Your Doctor should have a record of when they were given, or you could find this in your child(rens) RED book.

If your child(ren) have not had both doses of the MMR vaccination please contact your Doctors surgery and ask them to arrange for vaccination at the earliest opportunity .

Further information can be found at the links below, or please speak to your GP:

MMR vaccination information for patients, parents, guardians:

MMR vaccination information leaflets:


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